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This boat was my first boat purchase over 25 feet. It was a big decision and an expensive one.
I spent a long time and many hours doing research and attended many boat shows before deciding to purchase a Scout Boat. And I guess is was all for nothing as the boat is a LEMON at best. 12 of 36 months in the shop and a trip back to the factory. I just want to be able to get all of the information out there in hopes that it may help others. I have had over 40 Warranty claims on this boat. The last one was the swim platform was full of water and mold. Scout did not pay any of the $10,000.00 repair it was all out of pocket for me.

Typical Sales People…….
• Of course they helped in every way possible until……
• The check cleared, boat delivered and problems started.
• Boat broke down on a trip to Key West in the first month of owning it.

• Light on T-top wasn’t sealed, water leaked in the switch panel above the center console
• Bad switch on toilet
• A/C didn’t work Freon leak had to replace O rings
• Gas pockets in the hull
• Wiring wasn’t connecting or was not finished radio and other terminals
• Main power terminals to the motors were not connected properly. Resulted in Port motor steering failure 15 miles offshore. Mercury techs replaced steering and actuator pumps.
• Center motor has shift actuator and loss of steering warnings. No fix yet. I believe it’s due to the instability in the transom.
• Corners of upholstery are tearing on rear seat
• Screws and rust around seats and leaning post and center console
• Starboard fish box deck non-slip was a danger. Multiple falls, installed sea dek
• The paint and clear coat isn’t consistent around the t-top and center console. There are cracks and chips on dash around black box and to the right side of it. Some where there from new.
• Auto pilot doesn’t work all the time. Dip switch error is common on the Vessel view
• Joystick has never really worked correctly.

From Wiring Issues, Gel Coat, Soft Spots in the Hull (17) of them to be exact………
I will do my best on here to write as much detail as I can and supply not only pictures and video of the boat but also upload all of the warranty claims on it. I have 41 warranty claims so far and I have requested the other copies from the dealers who have performed the repairs.
This site is strictly informational and is a just and true account of the issues that I have experienced first hand with my Scout Boat 350 LXF. It is currently in the shop again and has been for 2 weeks. It most likely will be at least another week. Scout has also decided not to pay for the repair. As they have under paid for this repair 4 times already. If they would have just hired the right company to do them and paid a fair amount not a bargain price we would not be doing this repair again.

Warranty Claims